Vital statistics
Real Name Bananach
Occupation Discord (formerly)
Species Fae
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Production details
First Appearance Ink Exchange
Bananach was the embodiment of discord and war. She was also the twin sister of Sorcha and mother-sister of Devlin.


Early LifeEdit

Along with Sorcha, Bananach was the first faery to exist in the fey world. Together the sisters made Devlin, to maintain balance and allow male faeries to exist in their race. 

Ink ExchangeEdit

Fragile EternityEdit

Bananach visits Sorcha in Faerie to tell her about Seth Morgan's influence in the faerie courts, in the hopes of putting the courts closer to the brink of war and chaos.  

Radiant ShadowsEdit

Darkest MercyEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Raven feathered hair and talon tipped fingers.


As the embodiment of Discord, she is always seeking more ways to stir up violence. She feels no true loyalty or affiliation to any of the Courts, and will work with anyone who helps her to achieve her goals. At the same time, she is quick to sever ties with anyone who is no longer useful to her, demonstrated by her participation in Dark Court matters but still wanting to usurp the throne. She likes taunting her enemies, especially Sorcha, and gets very physically close to them when doing so. On occasion she has shown some concern or at least interest in their brother-son Devlin, though this is arguably also just another measure taken to enhance her own prospects. Her mannerisms are birdlike and unsettling. She has leadership and combat skills, being able to command the bloodthirsty Ly Ergs.

However, she lacked the foresight to predict that Niall and Aislin might have a chance of beating her, despite her ability to see futures and possibilities. Her arrogance may very well have been her downfall.