Bishop O’Connell High School, also known as Bishop OC High School or simply Bishop OC, is a Catholic educational institute that two of the main female characters, Aislinn and Leslie, attend. Keenan, Niall and Tavish also briefly attended, with Niall and Tavish posing as Keenan’s uncles/guardians. The School presumably takes students aged 14 to 17, seeing as Aislinn‘s clique are 17 and they all graduate soon after the series starts.

Students who don’t attend the graduation ceremony can get their diploma via mail , as shown when Aislinn missed graduation due to Court matters and came home one day to find her diploma in the post box. Considering that the school’s founder and namesake has an Irish name, the school probably follows Irish Catholicism. There are many religious items around the building, which can cause discomfort to faeries. The teachers are mostly, if not all, nuns and priests. The overall school administration is strict and students are expected to behave well, though they do get to use cell phones and wear makeup on campus. Staff members include Father James, Father Edwin and Sister Mary Louise. Students must wear uniforms.