Vital statistics
Real Name Chela
Occupation Gabriela of Gabriel's Hounds

Second-in-Command of Gabriel's Hounds (formerly)

Species Fae (Hound)
Status Alive
Production details
First Appearance Ink Exchange

Chela is the second-in-command of Gabriel's Hounds, and lover to Gabriel.


Not much is known about Chela’s past. At some point, she became Gabriel’s mate and second-in-command. Faeries are polyamorous by nature and Gabriel had children with two different mortal women while still in a relationship with her.

Physical appearanceEdit

She has eyes that glow green when she’s emotional, a trait that all Hounds have, and a muscular build.


Chela is described as strangely sweet and has a maternal side. As the former co-leader of the Hounds and current Gabriela, she can be ruthless and tough when she needs to be.



She was Gabriel’s sometime mate, and sometimes helped to take care of his pups. She cared greatly about him , evidenced by her anger whenever he put himself in danger, and grieved him when he was killed in the war. So far she has loyally served two generations of Dark Kings, first Irial and now Niall.