Donia's Cottage

Her home has a porch leading to the front door, which opens onto a living room. A fireplace of gray stone takes up most of one wall in this room. Throughout, the home is filled with simply wood furnishings. Additionally, there's a shelf filled with reference books including Sorcha's On Being: Faery Morality and Mortality. These books have been passed down from one Winter Girl to the next and helped them understand the world of the fey. In her house, Donia also has several possessions that belong to former Winter Girls-- including a bear fetish crafted by Liseli, and some of Rika's clothes.

Beira described Donia's home as "blah and lacking in style", but the simplicity and cleanliness of it seemed to soothe and please Donia.

Beyond the living room is her kitchen, with a door leading to the back of the house. Out there, the house faces the nature preserve. Instead of fey having revelries in the trees, this is where Keenan's guardsmen watch over Donia.