Following is a list of minor locations in the Wicked Lovely series. Each location is listed by its first appearance.

Locations in Wicked LovelyEdit

Pool HallEdit

Before the events of Wicked Lovely, Aislinn Foy frequents this unnamed pool hall regularly. Her regular playing partner is Denny. The hall's jukebox plays many country and blues songs.

The Comix ConnexionEdit

Aislinn takes refuge inside this shop when she sees Keenan following her on her way home from the pool hall.

The Crow's NestEdit

The Crow's Nest is a club in downtown Huntsdale. Ani and Tish often go there, and Glenn works there. A "shadowy" alleyway runs alongside the club, which Aislinn often used as a shortcut to Seth's.

Seth's LotEdit

Seth's Lot is a mostly empty space where Seth Morgan lives in two train carriages. "The outside [of the train] was decorated in murals than ran the gamut from anime to abstract; ... they faded into one another like a collage... It wasn't just paintings that decorated the garden: sprouting... along the perimeter were a series of metalwork sculptures... Between those sculptures... were flowering plants and shrubs."

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