Melissa Marr
Melissa Marr
Born Melissa Marr
July 25, 1972
New York, New York, United States
Occupation Producer and Writer

Melissa Marr is an American author of young adult and urban fantasy novels. Best known for her Wicked Lovely series, Marr has also published several series of poems and short stories which include Faery Tales & Nightmares, Love Struck, and Pixie on a Pin.

Marr attended the Benninton College of Liberal Arts in Vermont where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. It was until later in life though that she would decide to continue her education by attending the Columbia University Business School in New York where she received a Master's of Business Administration in 2002; in 2008 Columbia University presented her with the Twelfth Annual Distinguished Alumna Award by the Columbia Women in Business.

In 2006, Marr was named President of The Healing Project which is a 501 (c) tax-exempt organization dedicated to developing communities to support the chronically ill; it was in name of this project that Marr created the social networking website, Voices Who Care. Today she is the Chief Operating Officer of Global Media Services and Grid-Networks, a multimedia production and technology firm which produces and distributes a range of digital media content across an array of multimedia formats. She has also co-founded two film production companies, Blue Magic Pictures and Elevation Filmworks, which pride themselves on their cutting-edge downtown New York director-centric film-making.


Adult FictionEdit

  • Graveminder (2011)

Short FictionEdit

  • Blessed Woman (2004)
  • Pixie on a Pin (2005)
  • The Nostalgist (2006)
  • Love Struck (2008)
  • Two Lines (2009)


  • On Meeting the Surgeon (2004)
  • The Moment of Impact (2005)
  • Fighting the Tide (2005)
  • The Art of Becoming (2005)

Young Adult NovelsEdit

Wicked Lovely Edit

  • Wicked Lovely (2007)
  • Ink Exchange (2008)
  • Fragile Eternity (2009)
  • Radiant Shadows (2010)
  • Darkest Mercy (2011)

Wicked Lovely: Desert TalesEdit

  • Volume 1: Sanctuary (2009)
  • Volume 2: Challenge (2010)
  • Volume 3: Resolve (2011)
  • Carnival of Souls (2012)

Awards and HonorsEdit

  • Amazon's Best Books of 2007: Top 10 Editor's Picks: Teens
  • IRA Notable Books 2008: Young Adult Fiction
  • New York Public Library's Books for the Teen Age 2008