Vital statistics
Real Name Rabbit
Occupation Tattoo Artist
Species Fae (Halfling)
Status Alive
Production details
First Appearance Wicked Lovely

Rabbit is the owner of the tattoo shop Pins and Needles. He is a halfling of the Dark Court, and the son of Gabriel. Ani and Tish are his half-sisters.


Early LifeEdit

He is Gabriel’s firstborn and only son. Unlike his sisters, the identity of Rabbit’s mother is unknown.

Ink ExchangeEdit

Rabbit works together with Irial to create the ink-exchanges which would bind mortals to dark fey and allow the fey to feed on mortals. After Leslie chooses Irial's tattoo for her tattoo design, Rabbit reluctantly paints it onto her skin, being worried for Leslie's well-being and not wanting her to be hurt by what the tattoo would do to her.   

Radiant ShadowsEdit

Tish's death breaks Rabbit completely, and he is not the same afterward. He accompanies Ani, Devlin and Seth to Faerie, where he decides to become one of Sorcha's artists.

Physical appearanceEdit


Rabbit is a good, kind person at heart, protective and caring towards his friends and his half-sisters. The mortal blood in his veins makes him less cruel than full-blooded fey of the Dark Court, and less able to withstand the darkness and violence which takes place in Irial's (and later Niall's) court.


A skilled artist, he is described in Ink Exchange as being able to capture the essence of the Dark Court in the tattoos he creates.


Rabbit is very close to both of his half-sisters. He was not only their older brother, but also a father figure for them in Gabriel’s absence. Tish’s death devastated him, though he didn’t blame Ani. His relationship with Gabriel appeared to be slightly strained: after Tish died, Rabbit was quick to blame their father and said that Gabriel had failed to protect her, an accusation Gabriel didn’t deny. His reaction to Gabriel’s death was not shown. Gabriel was protective of all his pups, including Rabbit, but Rabbit did to some extent share Ani’s resentment towards him for being a negligent parent. When Ani partnered with Devlin, Rabbit expressed support for their relationship. He eventually met the High Court artist Olivia and they became a couple.

As a member of the Dark Court, Rabbit was loyal to Irial and later Niall. Unlike Ani, he hasn’t displayed animosity towards Niall and Seth. Before he left for Faerie, his tattoo parlour Pins and Needles was instrumental in many of the Dark Court dealings, including ink exchanges. However, he closed the shop in the wake of Tish‘s death and did not participate in the war against Bananach.