Rianne is a human friend of Aislinn and Leslie.


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Mother Edit

Ri has a strict mother who doesn’t let her wear makeup so she has to apply it in the school bathroom. From what little has been said about Ri’s Mother, they appear to have a very strained relationship. Ri wasn’t able to attend a popular classmate’s party because her mother didn’t let her.


She’s part of a 4 Member clique with Aislinn, Leslie and Carla. However, it seems that to some extent they might not actually like each other. At school, they maintain a facade and have superficial conversations about boys and fashion, while dealing with their personal demons.

Both Ri and Carla don’t know about the faery world. Aislinn and Leslie kept secrets from each other; Ash didn’t tell Leslie about having become Summer Queen and Leslie didn’t tell Ash about her unhappy home life. In fact, Leslie herself comments that she and Ash dont talk that much anymore, partly because of her own desire to stay away from the cruel faery world. Ri isn’t really mentioned again after the third book. Ash is preoccupied with her Court and Leslie starts hanging out with a different crowd in college, implying that the clique, including Rianne, probably grew apart over time. In the third book, it’s said that Carla took a mothering approach to both Rianne and Aislinn.