Vital statistics
Real Name Rika
Occupation Co-Alpha of Solitaries in the Mujave Desert
Winter Girl (formerly)
Species Fae (mortal-born)
Status Alive
Production details
First Appearance Desert Tales

Rika is a former Winter Girl, and currently co-alpha of the solitary fey residing in the Mujave Desert.


Early LifeEdit

Well over a century before Aislinn's time, Keenan wooed Rika in the hopes that she was the missing Summer Queen. After taking the test, however, she became the Winter Girl instead. For years she tried (and failed) to convince girls to risk the cold for Keenan; it was only when Donia chose to take the test that she was finally freed from the ice. Bitter from her time as Winter Girl, Rika left the city behind her and wandered the world before choosing to settle in the Mojave Desert. Despite being one of the strongest fey there (second only to the alpha, Sionnach) Rika hid herself away in a secluded cave, refusing to play a larger role among the solitary desert fey. Only the alpha, Sionnach, managed to befriend her, and became a close confidant and friend.

Desert TalesEdit

Physical appearanceEdit






Sionnach has been Rika's closest and only friend for years after she joined the solitary desert fey. He cares deeply for her, and unbeknownst to Rika feels more than friendship for her. It is Sionnach who shoves Rika and Jayce together, to give Rika a chance at happiness and love after everything Keenan had done to her, despite his own feelings for her. It is implied in Desert Tales (and confirmed at the very end) that Rika feels the same way toward Sionnach. 


Rika thinks of Donia as being like a sister to her, as they were both Winter Girls. After Rika swears fealty to her Donia becomes her queen.