When he was only an infant, Keenan was cursed by Beira and Irial. This curse bound his powers until such time as he could find his Summer Queen, at which point the Summer Court would return to its former strength.

For centuries, Keenan has sought out the mortal girls that he dreamt about, who slowly become fey once he has found them. These girls have the choice between being a foolish Summer Girl and entirely dependent on Keenan, or risking the unhappiness of being Winter Girl in order to get a chance at being Summer Queen. Only five of the eighty-odd girls have made the latter choice, the latest four being Liseli, Nathalie, Rika and Donia.

Faeries who chose to become Summer Girls include Siobhan, Eliza, and Tracey. Like most of the Summer Court, the girls enjoy dancing and making love. They are mostly gentle and happy, but can be as cunning as any other faery.